Kindling connections.

Exchanging knowledge.

Achieving more together.

The Dialogue Centre at Aberystwyth University creates innovative opportunities for collaborative knowledge exchange within a research-led university.


By designing and facilitating events, providing training opportunities, and connecting research, business, policy, civil society and other end-users in ways that embrace the process and practice dialogue, we are working together to pursue Welsh solutions to world problems.

Our Goals


The Dialogue Centre works within and outside the University to support collaborative knowledge exchange for growing sustainable economies, encouraging active citizens and improving the quality of life in Mid Wales and beyond.

From bespoke spaces on campus and our future home on Aberystwyth’s promenade, the Dialogue Centre will become a global magnet for innovation in knowledge exchange and the practice and facilitation of dialogue.


“Our work is based on models of dialogue and deliberation which are used successfully all over the world. The process takes more time, but the results tend to be more innovative and easier to implement.”

Dr Jennifer Wolowic

Principal Lead, Dialogue Centre

Our Activities


Dialogue informs everything we do. We use dialogue to strengthen knowledge exchange in four key areas:

  • Research
  • Enterprise
  • Skills
  • Deliberation