Aberystwyth University to host transformative sessions at the 2024 Hay Festival: Re-imagining Democracy, Peace, and Biodiversity

Hay Festival

28 March 2024

Aberystwyth University has announced its participation in the 2024 Hay Festival, renowned for bringing together thinkers, writers, and artists to explore the power of ideas and storytelling. This year, the festival expands its horizons with the theme “Re-imagining our World and our Creativity,” focusing on democracy, peace, and biodiversity conservation.

The three sessions will delve into the topics of democracy, peace, and biodiversity, exploring pathways towards a future that aligns with our collective ideals and the well-being of our planet.

Session 1 (Event 164): Doing Democracy Differently
Speakers: Anwen Elias talks to Jennifer Wolowic
Date/time: 4pm, Tuesday 28 May 2024 – Meadow Stage

Networks and institutions around the world are championing doing democracy differently and creating methods that are more participatory, accessible, and inclusive. Join Dr Anwen Elias, Co-director of the Centre for Welsh Politics and Society, and Dr Jennifer Wolowic, Principal Lead of Aberystwyth University Dialogue Centre as we discuss how Aberystwyth University seeks to support this work through community led art, photography and collage to help shape policies and institutions for a vibrant future. This initiative joins a call to action to embrace innovative paths in democracy, blending active citizenship with artistic expression. Your presence will contribute greatly to the conversation on reimagining democracy. Let’s transform democracy together.

Session 2 (Event 231): Inspiration for a New Generation: The Welsh Women’s Peace Petition
Speakers: Mererid Hopwood and Jenny Mathers talk to Betsan Powys
Date/time: 11:30am, Thursday 30 May 2024  – Meadow Stage

Can the peace efforts of ordinary citizens impact a world engulfed in war? One hundred years ago the women of Wales dared to imagine a world without war and took steps to achieve it: nearly 400,000 signed a petition appealing to the women of America to support their call for peace. Join Mererid Hopwood and Jenny Mathers, editors of Yr Apêl/The Appeal 1923–24, as they discuss the remarkable story of the Welsh Women’s Peace Petition with Welsh journalist Betsan Powys and seek inspiration for a new generation of peacemakers. This discussion will draw parallels to contemporary conflicts, offering insights into the enduring quest for peace and the role of ordinary citizens in shaping a war-free world.

Session 3 (Event 355): Penguins, Rhinos and Poverty: Tackling uncomfortable questions in biodiversity conservation
Speakers:  Darrell Abernethy talks to Jennifer Wolowic
Date/time: 1:00pm, Sunday 2 June 2024 – Spring Stage

Wildlife and ecosystems across the globe face enormous threats but identifying conservation priorities and approaches poses many challenging questions. How do we balance the desire to protect threatened wildlife species with the needs of human populations? Who decides? Join a conversation between the Head of Aberystwyth University’s School of Veterinary Science, Professor Darrell Abernethy, and a representative from the World Wildlife Federation to explore how some of the world’s most treasured species are being impacted by human activities and natural crises.

For more information about the sessions and to purchase a ticket please visit the Hay Festival website.

Join us at the Hay Festival 2024 for a journey of discovery and inspiration.