Inspiration for a New Generation: The Welsh Women’s Peace Petition

Mererid Hopwood and Jenny Mathers

Event No: 231 (Meadow Stage at the Hay Festival 2024)

Speakers: Mererid Hopwood and Jenny Mathers talk to Betsan Powys

Date/time: 11:30am, Thursday 30 May 2024

Can the peace efforts of ordinary citizens impact a world engulfed in war? One hundred years ago the women of Wales dared to imagine a world without war and took steps to achieve it: nearly 400,000 signed a petition appealing to the women of America to support their call for peace. Join Mererid Hopwood and Jenny Mathers, editors of Yr Apêl/The Appeal 1923–24, as they discuss the remarkable story of the Welsh Women’s Peace Petition with Welsh journalist Betsan Powys and seek inspiration for a new generation of peacemakers. This discussion will draw parallels to contemporary conflicts, offering insights into the enduring quest for peace and the role of ordinary citizens in shaping a war-free world.

Attendees will leave inspired by the stories of past peacemakers and equipped with insights into fostering peace in today’s complex world. This event is a testament to the power of collective action and the enduring spirit of the Welsh people.

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