Doing Democracy Differently

Doing Democracy Differently

Event No: 164 (Meadow Stage at the Hay Festival 2024)

Speakers: Dr. Anwen Elias in conversation with Dr. Jennifer Wolowic

Date/time: 4:00pm, Tuesday 28 May 2024

Networks and institutions around the world are championing doing democracy differently and creating methods that are more participatory, accessible, and inclusive.

Join Dr Anwen Elias, Co-director of the Centre for Welsh Politics and Society, and Dr Jennifer Wolowic, Principal Lead of Aberystwyth University Dialogue Centre as we discuss how Aberystwyth University seeks to support this work through community led art, photography and collage to help shape policies and institutions for a vibrant future.

This initiative joins a call to action to embrace innovative paths in democracy, blending active citizenship with artistic expression. Your presence will contribute greatly to the conversation on reimagining democracy. Let’s transform democracy together.

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